Our Beer Print Month: Alcohol Responsibility


We’re successful when our products are consumed in the right way

We are privileged to work in one of the most dynamic, exciting branded industries I can think of. I still get a buzz watching the delighted reactions of new friends and acquaintances light up when they ask what I do: “I work in the beer business!

Proud words and weighty words. Working in the beer business is a career that comes with important additional social responsibilities – a promise to brew and sell our products ethically and responsibly; a commitment to tackle excessive, irresponsible and underage drinking and, on a personal level for all of us, a duty to model sensible drinking behaviour in our families and communities.

Molson Angel Designated Drivers

When we came together with the former Starbev organization to form Molson Coors Europe, we found new colleagues with a value set remarkably similar to Molson Coors and a very consistent responsibility message to consumers: don’t drink and drive.

In Croatia, Zagrebacka Pivovara’s goal is to be the main voice of responsible drinking and the company has a long term commitment to its “Think – don’t drink and drive” campaign which educates consumers on responsible drinking through panel discussions and billboard advertising.

Likewise, in Czech, the Staropramen brand has worked closely with Czech Police on the successful “Leave the Keys in Your Pocket” project and, more recently, the industry’s “Let’s agree who drinks and drives” campaign.

The Borsodi Brewery in Hungary is an active member of the Hungarian Breweries Association’s JOFEJ campaign, “The Sober Responsible Driver Program” which has reached thousands of youngsters through special activities in night clubs.

Alcohol Is a Bad Driver koncert Partibrejkersa

Alcohol Is a Bad Driver” is the award-winning CR campaign from Kamenitza AD in Bulgaria which focuses on raising society awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving, notably through special “alcohol” goggles which simulate different levels of blood alcohol content.

In Montenegro, Trebjesa has been donating breathalyser kits to police for many years and offers free public transport for visitors to music events sponsored by the company.

koncert Partibrejkersa

Apatinska Pivara, in Serbia, has focused its key efforts on educating consumers about the risks of combining alcohol with driving – “When I drink, I don’t drive” – an award-winning programme which has been integrated with the company’s music events; and on raising awareness of the dangers of underage consumption through the “18+ consume responsibly” campaign.

TAXIGUY Dialer and Responsible Choices

TaxiGuy is a unique partnership to stop drinking and driving in Canada. Since its inception in 1998, the program has helped over 3 million Canadians get home safely, and has been recognized as a key social marketing tool in the overall fight against drunk driving by countless stakeholder organizations. Molson Coors was also the first beer company in Canada to feature a ‘Stamp of Responsibility’ on products which you’ll eventually see on all our packaging.

Our Beer Print Commitment Panel

Similarly, in the UK and Ireland, Molson Coors has rolled out innovative secondary packaging which features an Our Beer Print Commitment Panel with information about responsible drinking and the environmental and social impacts of our products and directs consumers to our Corporate Responsibility website. We’re also leading the industry in developing the lower alcohol category in the UK, supported by excise incentives for lower strength beer, and have been recognised by the UK Government and European Alcohol & Health Forum.

Hopefully, this gives you a taste not only for how much we have going on in the Alcohol Responsibility space, but also how integrated and complementary such activities are with the objectives of our business.

After all, they are one and the same.


Scott Wilson, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Molson Coors Europe


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