ProAction + Molson Coors = “John Bitove Sr. Award”


CB Proaction MCC Bitove Award

Photo L-R: Carole Berry, Molson Coors; John Bitove Jr.

I was asked to accept an award on our behalf, being naturally curious I set out to learn more about what we were receiving from ProAction. “The John Bitove Sr. Award” is  corporate recognition, ok I figured that out, but why were we, Molson Coors Canada, nominated? 

It turns out we have been involved since 1991, when ProAction began, and have been a part of “Cops helping Kids” ever since. These programs have bridged the gap and helped forge positive relationships between the police and the community where they serve.  ProAction has reached over 350,00 youth, funded over 1,000 police-initiated programs with a total value of $4,000,000 hours, which does not include police hours.

I was honoured to be in the company of such dedicated officers truly making a difference with our youth in our communities. The award is now proudly hanging in our reception area at Toronto Head Office.

Cheers! CaroleB 



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  1. That’s Tom Bitove, FYI :)


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