Corona paints the town red…blue, orange, purple & more



On Friday, May 31st, Corona hosted a giant paint party in the heart of Toronto at Yonge-Dundas Square. Over 7,500 people RSVPed for the event on Facebook to experience what it means to #LiveMasFina at one of the largest paint parties in Canada!


Together with our community of fans, we painted, danced and celebrated. People came in as blank canvases and left as works of art!

Corona_PaintParty_052013_LR_T_C0006 - Cropped

Want to join us? The next paint party is happening in Montreal on June 14th.

Keep Living Mas Fina!

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  1. First you wont export brador and then you discontinue it. I guess I have had my last molsons product

    K martin
  2. Sorry to hear that you might be having your last Molson product, but we’ve got lots of other beers within our portfolio that we think you might enjoy. Please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-665-7661 and we’d be happy to chat more about the beers we offer and hear more of your feedback! Cheers!

    Melisa Chung
  3. I cant believe you discontinued the best beer I ever tasted. I’ve asked my relatives that work for Miller Coors and their reply was “I’ve never heard of Brador. I would pay hockey teams to bring it back under their busses to share after our league games when possible, (the busses to Canada were few and far between but the Brador was a huge treat when we got it). I heard nothing but rave reviews from both teams. It’s hard to get Fourty Hockey players to agree on anything! Best finish of any beer I’ve ever tasted. If it’s gone it’s a sad day :(

    d fass
  4. Please bring back Brador!!!!

  5. sad indeed if Brador is history. Have been trying to find it in Ontario and was told it is no longer brewed. Atotal shame as Stock , export & others aren’t even close.

  6. Bring back Brador!

    Alan Delmar
  7. I live in New York & use to travel to Canada sometimes just to get a couple cases of Brador. It was the best beer I’ve ever had period !! People who I shared it with also agreed it was one of the best beers they ever had. It was very disheartening when I went to the beer store and they told me Molson no longer made it. Needless to say I don’t drink that much beer anymore since it’s been discontinued. Such a shame !!!

    Kimm Brown
  8. Brador was the best! It is my favorite beer of all time. We used to travel from Detroit area to Windsor Canada to buy it for the taste and alcohol content. Brador was much better that Labatt’s Extra Stock, which likewise had high alcohol content. Considering all the excitement over craft beers and different kinds of beers, I think that the taste, color and alcohol % of Brador would make it a big seller in today’s market. If Molson Coors does not want to brew it themselves, then they should sell/give it to a small brewery to make. I have heard that some of the other big breweries have opened up small breweries under a different, craft-beer-sounding-crazy name so that the big brewer can be part of the market and also test brews. Molson should do something to make Brador available again.

    Jay Fred

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