What’s your story?


Last month we shared an amazing story about how 4 of our fans made a trip to Peru and culminated their adventure by sharing a beer on the peak of Machu Picchu. Stories like this about how Canadians are leaving their mark while travelling or at home in this great country are being brought to light through ‘The Canadians’.




Stories and photos are pouring in from coast to coast, like this one pictured below, where a group of friends from the Yukon built an Inuksuk at the Great Wall of China!




What happens when Canadians get together? We’ve been getting a glimpse of what happens from people tagging their photos with #MolsonCanadian and connecting with us on social media. Here are a few more of these wonderful memories our fans have been sharing with us:


Stories shared with us on the Molson Canadian Facebook page

Got a cool story about how you left your mark as a Canadian? We want to hear from you. Share it with us on MolsonCanadian.ca and it could win you a trip to Dublin, Ireland!

Cheers Canada!

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