Innovation and energy efficiency at Montreal brewery rewarded



The Montreal brewery, in Canada, has once again demonstrated that it is possible to brew good beer and to be green. 

In February, Molson Coors took top honours in the ‘Industrial or Manufacturing Process — $5 million and over’ category at the Énergia 2012 awards organized by the Energy Management Association of Quebec (AQME). 

The contest recognizes achievements in building energy efficiency, technological innovation, industrial and manufacturing processes, as well as transport, integrated management and greenhouse gas reduction. Of the 48 projects selected as finalists, 16 received awards. 

For Molson Coors, it was facilities retrofit work providing for reduced energy and water consumption that earned the company this prestigious award. Work carried out extended to 4 buildings and covered and area of some 475 000 ft2. In total, some hundred air handling units, air heaters, air evacuators and recovery devices were retrofitted or replaced. Existing equipment was between 20 and 40 years old, with some no longer in optimal working order.  

Energy savings achieved:

  • Water consumption was reduced by 9 200 000 litres a year through the elimination of water-cooled air conditioning units. 
  • Natural gas consumption was reduced by 1 562 800 cubic metres a year, thereby trimming CO2 emissions by 2955 tons a year.
  • Electricity consumption was reduced by about 1 609 400 kWh a year.

Over and above the environmental benefits, reduced operating costs have enhanced both profitability and performance at our Montreal brewery!

Congratulations to the entire team of individuals responsible for this project!

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