Chapman Mills Pedestrian Bridge Nearing Completion


Last year through Molson Coors Community Cheer, the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation received a $30,000 grant to help build a new pedestrian bridge across an inlet of the Rideau River.

With a few more tweaks, this 35-metre bridge will be available for public use and complete a hiking trail network in one of the busiest conservation trails in Ottawa. “The community now has a permanent pedestrian link to the 12 km network of lovely forest, wetland and field trails right in the middle of the burgeoning southern Ottawa area,” says Charles Billington, Executive Director of RVCF.

Chapman Mills Pedestrian Bridge

The bridge was delivered on March 6th in two pieces with a lot of work still to be done. One of the nearby streets had to be closed for a few hours in the night for specialists to reassemble it. Then just after midnight, the new bridge was swung into place with a giant crane.

“As much as this project was out of our comfort zone, it was the best example of collaboration I have ever experienced. Everybody took their part and did a bang up job,” said Kristy Giles, Conservation Lands Manager for RVCA.

Photo via Manotick MessengerChapman Mills Pedestrian Bridge

This is a shining example of what we can accomplish when we all come together with a common goal to build a positive community. Kyle Robertson, Sales Representative at Molson Coors, is just one of many who are looking forward to traversing on the new bridge: “Being a dog owner and active community supporter, this project is a very exciting one. Not only does it allow for permanent exposure to the beautiful sights and sounds around the Rideau, but it helps promote more active lifestyles in the community which is incredibly important.”

Charles Billington also sent his thanks to the team at Molson Coors and the 250 people who cheered for the project during “Cheering Phase” that took place early last year. “We are delighted with the result and I hope you can share our pride in bringing this amazing new feature to the outdoor walking facilities in the area.”

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