Variety Village Chair Lift…a necessity


Variety Chair Lift

When we heard about Variety Village  experiencing difficulties with its old chair lift at the pool, it seemed like an easy community effort to undertake to sponsor the purchase and installation of a new chair lift. The chair lift assists those who are attempting to remain active in their lifestyles, in spite of the challenges that they meet with their physical challenges. Cheers to active lifestyles for able and the disabled and for the work that Variety Village @VarietyVillage does in bringing the community together. @MolsonFerg

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  1. Our swimmers with disabilities and our coaches and lifeguards here at Variety Village are thrilled with their new lift. All of our members and staff say a great BIG THANK YOU to Molson Coors for providing the funds to make the purchase of the new lift possible. You have had a meaningful impact on the lives of many of our members over the years and we are grateful for your ongoing support of Variety. Village.

    Lynda Elmy
  2. Thanks for all the help on this wonderful improvement for Variety!

  3. With more than 30,000 individuals being supported through Variety Village each year, and approx. 15,000 with a disability, we see first hand each day the impact that a donor can make. Ferg and his team at Molson Coors realize this and decided to do something about it! Cheers to you for helping support those who want to stay fit and active through sport and fitness. Thanks for making a real difference!

    Donna Richardson
  4. A BIG thank you to Molson Coors!! Your generous funding for the much needed water chair lift has made the deep end of our pool accessible once again!

    Robyn Parashyniak
  5. When the old life was removed from the pool as a result of long-term damage, it left a big hole in our ability to serve our members. Getting into the and out of the pool meant potentially risky injury to either themselves or the back of the attendant who would accompany them. Since the new lift has been installed, we have members that are truly grateful that they can access the deep end again and many happy lower backs. We cannot thank you enough for your support with helping us with this much needed device.

    Suzie Lowe

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