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Le samedi 15 décembre dernier, 15 employés du service de la Distribution participaient à la 72e campagne de jouets des pompiers de la Ville de Sherbrooke. Les employés de Molson Coors de Sherbrooke participent à cette cause depuis plus de 40 ans. Grâce à cette campagne de jouets, plus de 700 enfants de 400 familles ont reçu un cadeau à Noël.

Félicitations à Daniel Tisdel pour avoir organisé l’activité de cette année ainsi qu’à Gervais Nolet, Jeff Voggen Reiter, Olivier-Paul St-Germain, Josée Lortie, Denis Desmarais, Yan Audet, Pierre Berthiaume, Bernard Turcotte et Ben Price pour leur participation à cette belle initiative!

On Saturday, December 15, 15 employees from the Distribution department participated in Sherbrooke city firemen’s 72nd toy campaign. Molson Coors employees in Sherbrooke have been taking part in this cause for over 40 years. Thanks to this toy campaign, more than 700 children from 400 families have received a gift at Christmas.

Congratulations to Daniel Tisdel for having orgaized this year’s activity, and to Gervais Nolet, Jeff Voggen Reiter, Olivier-Paul St-Germain, Josée Lortie, Denis Desmarais, Yan Audet, Pierre Berthiaume, Bernard Turcotte and Ben Price for their participation in this great initiative!

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  1. I recently was watching NHL sport show showing game highlights that featured your commercial “What Canadians do” which showed two women “almost” completing a girl/girl kiss underwater. I found this over the top and offensive. It seems your cut would show you are afraid to show this but try to put it there anyway. “What do you mean girls kissing??? they didn’t kiss. I don’t see how this has anything to do with being a Canadian and selling a good tasting beer. Advertising is not selling a lifestyle. I am really disappointed at your lack of integrity. All ages watch this program and I don’t think your depiction is what a “Canadian” is. It appears you are trying to make us seem uninhibited and out there. Maybe because we are drunk? Now your word police stops my post because I already said this. Maybe someone else feels the same way but you only want to show one such post? I can only guess because this is my only post.

  2. Hi June, we’re sorry to hear the new Molson Canadian ad didn’t fit your taste and we understand that not all of our commercials will appeal to every person. We did not mean to offend anyone with the ad or its contents and feel that it is very inclusive on many fronts. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with your feedback.

    Melisa Chung
  3. Right on June. I would like Molson’s to try the same stunt with two males. methinks the majority of NHL fans would protest Molsons Coors products

  4. I also found the underwater kissing scene offensive on many levels. As non-sensical as beer commercials are (anyone over the age of majority has usually already chosen “their brand” in any event, so the ads are largely aimed at youngsters, and everyone knows it), the clear intent was cheap titilation. Nothing new for the advertisers – and unfortunately a far cry from some of the inspirational ‘I am Canadian” stuff that was a little better intentioned. I will not be buying Molson products this summer, nor suggesting my friends do so.

    Jay R.
  5. Hi Jay, thanks for connecting with us to provide your feedback on the latest Molson Canadian commercial. The scenes at the end of the spot are meant to represent the energy and excitement that comes as people come together to celebrate. Part of what gives Canadians pride in their country is the fact that Canada is so inclusive and accepting.

    Melisa Chung
  6. I was watching the hockey game last night with my husband and two teenagers. The Molson ad played at least three times. I was offended by the near kiss. It is obvious that Molson’s is not supporting equality for gays. On the contrary, it associating alcohol and a sporting event to imply that if you get the girls drunk enough they’ll do this – as a show for men. Really pathetic and lame. And really not Canadian. And I agree, why aren’t there the two guys groping each other in a locker room? Oh, I forgot, gay men keep it hidden, gay women want to put on a show.

  7. Hi Rose, it is not our intent to offend anyone with the contents of the commercial. If you have additional questions or concerns regarding the Molson Canadian ad, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-665-7661 and we will be happy to address them with you. Thanks.

    Melisa Chung
  8. I agree with all posts as this commercial needs to be removed from our eyes. It is over the line and they know it! Really if this were the executives of Molson’s daughter portrayed about to embrace in a lip lock would they be Proud Canadians? What people do behind the scene is their business and their right as a Canadian, does not mean my 8 year old needs to see it during a Sporting event. How cleverly deceptive and SHAMEFUL.

  9. I agree with Rose. This has nothing to do with being ‘inclusive’ – even though the customer service rep I spoke with tried to pawn it off as that. And to have it there as something ‘Canadians do’ is really offensive. Your commercials used to be about Canadian pride and sometimes poking fun at ourselves. This one is an embarrassment. Further, I agree re the family viewing aspect of this. You have indeed crossed a line. I will no longer buy Molson products. Not one. There are many choices out there – you are now off my list.

  10. I agree with those who have commented before me- just because something has been made legal and being shoved down our throats by schools and government doesn’t change the fact that many people believe it is disordered and wrong. If you want to be inclusive, why not play it safe, leave the “sexual” stuff out of the ad, and therefore include those of us who believe it is offensive? Previous to this, my “go to” beer was Canadian. I’m joining the Labatt team.


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