Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it’s Molson Coors Super Heroes!


BC Liquor Store Campaign 2012

This Halloween, Carve out a plan to get home safe! Posters displayed in BC Liquor Stores.

Halloween 2012 BC Port Coquitlam

Photo: Wonder Woman Lynda Perovich, Molson Coors Sales Manager, Vancouver, BC and Super Hero at the Westwood Signature Liquor Store.

This is the 5th year that Molson Coors Sales Manager, Lynda Perovich has brought the BC Liquor Store Halloween Campaign to life!  The month long campaign ends with a one night blitz of “Super Heros” distributing Taxi Dollars to remind everyone to get a cab, have a designated driver, walk or stay over at friends when celebrating.  The campaign is more successful every year thanks to our  Molson Coors Super Heros spreading the message!

Super Hero distributing Taxi Dollars 

Photo: Is that Spider Woman?

Congrats Molson Coors Super Hero’s on a job well done!


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  1. On behalf of those of us who have lost someone to drunk driving…you are true heroes! Thank you for reminding the masses to leave the keys please!

    Mark Shyluk
  2. why dont you have molson golden on sale or rebates like you used to i have bend drinking molson for a long time . you dont even advertise it. i find its the best beer on the market. iam 82 years old and i drank them all but molson golden is the best . see what you can do about rebates or putting on sale once .blue ribbon is on sale every day thank you robert

    robert pittman

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