Employees giving the St. John’s community some TLC


On October 10, 2012, the Molson Coors St. John’s Brewery held its annual Volunteer Day. With the brewery closed in order to perform electrical sub-station upgrades, more than 60 employees took advantage of the downtime to give back to the community.

Shelley Hickey took the lead role in working with the City of St. John’s to come up with an effective action plan. After tropical storm Leslie, which hit the island back in September, there was a need to extensively reclaim and repair several local parks, walking trails and riverside areas. In addition, the brewery wanted to build on the Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project, whereby several employees planted trees along the nearby, historic Rennie’s River.

With tools, safety vests, garbage bags and the usual Molson Coors St. John’s can-do attitude, the team went to work. In only a few short hours, several large piles of fallen trees and debris were gathered, flower gardens were cleaned, 450 seedlings were planted and a local park and walking area looked like new. The team finished the day with a neighbourhood walkabout, whereby 60 bags of garbage were collected from the streets around the brewery known as Georgestown.

A great day was had by all as the employees of Molson Coors St. John’s once again showed how important our community is to us and how giving back is fundamental to how we do business! As icing on the cake, the brewery was publicly acknowledged by the Mayor of St. John’s on a live television broadcast of the weekly City Council meeting.

“Molson staff did a great job and accomplished a great deal of work…It was great to see the business community giving back to the city,” said Mayor Dennis O’Keefe.

Sean Kennedy, Brewery Manager
Molson Coors St. John’s Brewery

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  1. I was reading your website and was amazed at the generousity of your company. It’s a long story how I stumbled across this site but it was encouraging. I have a very old Molson wooden beer case and I am on a benefit committee for a man desperately needing help with a kidney and pancreas transplant. I was going to put together a Molson Coors gift basket. I can empathize so much with this man and his family and feel like I need to help-even if I have limited resources. Companies today only want to donate to large non-profits. As an individual you must rely on the people around you for hope and support. His name is Rob Ahrens and he is 47 years old with a wife and three children. Rob’s wife, who was a full time homemaker, took a minimum wage job with benefits to cover increasing medical bills when Rob’s health deteriorated. This family has struggled to keep their home and feed their family. Members of their community, friends and family are having a benefit on December 16, 2012 at Jim and Jack’s Riverside Bar(3456 River Road,Cincinnati Ohio). We are requesting support from local businesses to help make this benefit successful so that the Ahren family knows that they are not alone in their struggle. We have managed to have 250 people in the community reserve a ticket to this benefit which is featuring a local celebrity (Mike Davis-Elvis tribute Christmas Show) We need a company like yours to help show that every day working people of this community can accomplish a seemingly impossible task-Saving a Life. I have been rejected by so many local companies because they do not support individuals-Yet it’s these same individuals that make these companies successful. It’s heartbreaking. Can Molson-Coors help us save a life!!!
    Best Regards,
    Melinda Brosious

    melinda brosious
  2. Hi Melinda, thanks for reaching out. For donation and sponsorship inquiries in the US, please call us at 1-800-645-5376 or send the message through http://www.molsoncoors.com/en/Contact%20Us.aspx and it will be sent to the appropriate person for review. Cheers!

    Melisa Chung

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