Our Beer Print…employee month


Across our business at Molson Coors Brewing Company we are celebrating a month of employee awareness and action for “Our Beer Print”.

In Canada we have a number of activities going on…

It’s about making a difference in our greater community whether environmental, community or just simply doing things the right way. This might be employees who are more concious of their own actions at home and at work and the impact on the environment. It may be an act of volunteerism or support of a local charity, in which so many of our employees are engaged. Perhaps it is an extension of our Molson Canadian Red Leaf project where we help to make keep Canada the awesome land that it is. Or, perhaps an employee who has decided to assist with coaching a team in their community this fall.

All of these actions add up to who we are as a business and who our people are as employees engaged in their community and participating in “Our Beer Print”.

Our goal at Molson Coors is to reduce our negative beer print and enhance our positive beer print. It’s a journey, not an end and it’s part of who we are at Molson Coors.

On this last day of summer here’s to responsible choices and a great autumn season ahead. Thanks to our employees, customers and beer drinkers who help us enhance our positive beer print.

Cheers. @MolsonFerg

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