Cellphone – check; Organizer – check; Taxi Dollars – check


 Molson Coors Campus Football Poster

Molson Coors Campus Snow Boarder Poster 

It’s back to school time at universities and colleges across Canada.  Where did the summer go?  We’re celebrating back to school with a couple of campus programs to encourage responsible drinking

Molson Coors Campus DD Poster 

First, we’re recognizing all those awesome people that choose to be designated drivers.  Our team across the country will be at events offering bracelets and chances to win fuel cards to DD’s.  It’s our way of saying thank you for making the responsible choices and helping out your friends.

TAXI APP larger-button 

And let’s not forget about our free TAXIGUY app that is now even better because it uses GPS  to connect you to the nearest cab in the network.   Download it today at taxiguydialer.com.

MolsonCoors wishes all students a great school year! Cheers and here’s to responsible choices.


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