“Shred 4 A Cause” Tour wraps up in NL


Wrap up in St. John's, NL 

Shred Team relaxes as the Tour wraps up in St. John’s, NL

Shredding to St. John's City Hall 

Media greets the Shred Team as they board into St. John’s City Hall.


Mike Harris and Jeff Abbott hit Toronto July4th, just one of their many stopovers on their journey across Canada adventure. The objective of this summer trek  is to raise awarness and dollars around head injuries and the importance of wearing helmets when you are involved in sports; from longboarding, cycling, to snowboarding. The message is clear “It’s not cool to not have a helmet on.” These two young males are out in the community trying to encourage people to support this worthy cause and to be aware of your own safety. 

To support Shred 4 a Cause you can follow up on Facebook and Twitter, as well as a few links; www.shred4acause.ca & www.hiltonbyrne.ca .

Covering about 110 km a day, they take turns riding longboards – as well as their support van right behind them. Rain, snow, sleet or hail and the occasional mountain doesn’t stop the dual from completing their journey. They have taken the time and stopped at schools along the way to help raise awareness. Harris and Abbott both have had concussions in the past from sports related injuries, so they want to make it a clear vision for everyone to be safe while you’re involved in the sports you love. “Boarding for the Brain” is another way to refer to what these young men are trying to do. Read the complete article by clicking “here”.

Longboarding Jeff Abbott, (centre) and Mike Harris, (rear) longboard with supporters down King Street from Conestoga Mall to Kitchener City Hall Monday as part of their cross-country trip to promote wearing helmets to prevent injury. Abbott and Harris began their journey in Vancouver on May 1st.
To read more of the article click Chloe Ellingson/Waterloo Region Record.

The goal is to raise $100,000.00, for more inbformation and to donate visit  BIAC and Shred4aCause.

Cheers and good luck boys!

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  1. great cause, we bike and are worried every time we see anyone boarding or cycling without a helmut

    catherine and james
  2. Thanks for the comment Catherine and James. Cheers!

    Tonia Hammer

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