Community centre in Windsor receives a share of the Community Cheer grants


The mission at Harmony in Action is to “enrich the lives of adults living with developmental and/or physical challenges, by providing opportunities to succeed.” H.I.A. staff and volunteers provide programs to maintain and increase skills as well as personal development for individuals with disabilities.

Last month, Harmony in Action was presented with $20,000 from Community Cheer to help transform an existing building into a community sports and recreation centre for adults with disabilities which will be the only centre in the community this focus.

Community Cheer grants were provided to a variety projects with focus on building active, social and vibrant communities in Canada and range from development of recreation centres, swimming pools, parks, hiking trails and skating rinks. A total of $290,000 for the province of Ontario was given to seven recipients including H.I.A as part of this year’s program. For more information about Harmony in Action and their programs, please visit

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