Moncton opens its doors for hunger!


For the first time since its opening in 2007, the Moncton brewery opened its doors on Friday May 11th with a view to raising public awareness of the solvable issue of hunger in Canada.

Molson Coors organized this initiative in cooperation with Food DEPOT Alimentaire within the scope of Hunger Awareness Week which took place May 7 to 11, 2012. For a mere $5, employees at the Moncton Brewery offered the unique opportunity of touring the brewery. The event included an outdoor barbecue with refreshments, an autograph session with the Moncton Wildcats hockey team and a host of other surprises.

Hunger Awareness Week aimed to profile food banks as well as Canadians who receive assistance from these organizations. In 2011, nearly 900 000 persons relied each month on food banks for assistance in Canada. In Moncton, over the past year, Food DEPOT Alimentaire has distributed more than 1 million kilograms of food to area food banks and community kitchens.

 “Our employees firmly believe in the importance of contributing to the community well-being,” said Brad Devarennes, Director, Regional Sales for New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. “This exclusive tour of the Moncton brewery was a way for us to tangibly support our mission in this regard.”

To celebrate this successful day, Molson Coors donated $13,703 to Food DEPOT Alimentaire. The initiative attracted a total of more than 300 participants!

A big thank you to everyone at the Moncton Brewery who helped to open the doors and raise awareness and funds for this important charity!

Cheers and Proud to Play our Part – From your Moncton Team

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