Congratulations Crown Taxi of Toronto


Crown Taxi Photo - March Winner

Photo From L-R: Marc Kajouji, Director of Sales; Rafiq Gowher, General Manager.

Molson Coors and TAXIGUY Inc. thought it was about time to say “THANK YOU” to all of the great Taxi Companies and Taxi Drivers of the TAXIGUY Network for the outstanding job they do day in and day out to ensure the roads are kept safe.  We salute you!

Crown Taxi in Toronto is a key part of the TAXIGUY and TAXI DOLLARS network across Canada. Crown Taxi has been a partner of TAXIGUY for over 12 years and have demonstrated a very strong commitment to safe transportation.  Crown provides reliable taxicab service in the biggest city in Canada – which is vital to our National Solution to reduce incidences of impaired driving. 

TAXIGUY and Molson Coors Canada are very proud of the partnership we have with Crown Taxi and want to recognize them for their commitment to providing taxicab service to all members of the Toronto community.
“Crown GM, Rafiq Gowher and his team at Crown Taxi have shown true dedication to TAXIGUY and our national commitment to safe transportation over the years.” Said Justin Raymond, President of TAXIGUY Inc. “Our goal at TAXIGUY is to increase accessibility to taxicab service in all cities and towns across Canada and we are extremely proud to be working with Crown Taxi.”

Congratulations to Crown Taxi of Toronto, Ontario , who has been a long standing and excellent partner in the Toronto area. Keep up the great work you do!


Here’s to Responsible Choices


PS – Don’t forget to download the TAXIGUY App, now GPS driven to call the Cab Company closest to you!!

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  1. All my congrats to Crown Taxi! Cheers!

    Monique Dépatie
  2. Congratulations to Crown Taxi. Thanks again for all you do !!


    Justin Raymond
  3. Congratulations to All Crown Taxi.

    Limo Toronto Service

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