605 Cheers and $60,000 for Lewisporte’s new oval running track in support of healthy active living


Lewisporte 2012

The Kinsmen Club of Notre Dame and the Lewisporte Lions Club in collaboration with the 2012 Come Home Year Committee were among one of the 21 recipients who shared in the $1-million community grant through the Molson Coors Community Cheer program this year.

The Lewisporte community helped gather 605 cheers in support of a project that sought funding to develop a walking and running track around an existing soccer pitch to commemorative the town’s Come Home Year. The track will also serve as a venue for a host of active living activities such as Special Olympics training, school track events, Relay for Life and other non-profit walk fundraisers.

With the $60,000 donation from Community Cheer, the committee is aiming to complete the new track by August – just in time for the start of Lewisporte’s Come Home Year celebrations!

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  1. Hi, I am the chairperson for our fundraising committee. Our community lost our arena to a fire on the 10th of May, 2013. We have a very active and vibrant community and we will rebuild but not without help form various avenues. I am currently looking at various grants available and was wondering about the time frame for applying for your grant. I was looking at previous recipients and was amazed at the number of communities you helped. Please let me any information regarding your grant. Thank you .

    Kari Moore
  2. Hi Kari, we’re terribly sorry to hear about the fire and thank you for your interest in Community Cheer. This initiative was created in 2011 to honour Molson Coors’ 225th anniversary and we were excited to celebrate the milestone in our history with the communities that have contributed to our success over the past two centuries.

    While Community Cheer does not exist this year in the same format as it was created to celebrate our anniversary, it was our founder John Molson’s belief that “we are all members of a larger community which depends on everyone playing a part,” and his values remain unchanged today. You can send in your details at http://www.molsoncoors.com/en/Contact%20Us.aspx and it will be reviewed by the appropriate team.

    Thanks and best of luck!

    Melisa Chung

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