Congratulations A-City Taxi and Thank you!


Taxiguy & Molson Coors Feb 2012 Winner A-City Taxi

Photo L-R: Liane Chartrand, Sandra Ortmann, Paul Keon, Joey Couette, Daniel Desjardins,
Patrick Darbyson, and John Lloyd.

Congratulations Team A-City Taxi.

Molson Coors and TAXIGUY Inc. thought it was about time to say “THANK YOU” to all of the great Taxi Companies and Taxi Drivers of the TAXIGUY Network for the outstanding job they do day in and day out to ensure the roads are kept safe.  We salute you!

 A-City Taxi is a key part of the TAXIGUY and TAXI DOLLARS network across Canada.  Partners like A-City Taxi provide reliable taxicab service in smaller markets like Pembroke, Ontario.  Unlike major cities, Pembroke does not have a robust public transit system and therefore relies heavily on companies like A-City Taxi to provide reliable, safe transportation. 

TAXIGUY and Molson Coors Canada are very proud of the partnership we have with A-City Taxi and want to recognize them for their commitment to providing taxicab service to all members of the Pembroke community. 

“Joey Couette and his team at A-City Taxi have been a great network partner over the years.”  Said Justin Raymond, President of TAXIGUY Inc. “Our goal at TAXIGUY is to increase accessibility to taxicab service in all cities and towns across Canada and we are extremely proud to be working with A-City Taxi in Pembroke, Ontario.”

“THANK YOU” from of all of us at Molson Coors  and TAXIGUY Inc.

Cheers CaroleB

For more information on how you can become a TAXIGUY Partner and  enter the “Thank You” contest click on TAXIGUY!

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  1. We are very proud of Joe and his team at A-City Taxi. They have been a great TAXIGUY partner over the years providing safe and reliable transportation to the Pembroke community. Cheers to you Joe…and THANKS again!

    Justin Raymond
  2. Very nice picture ofthe taxi group with a great story. I also working on taxicentrale taxi arnhem .
    Congratulaton the taxi team again!

    Taxi Arnhem

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