Molson Coors Volunteer Program in Regina, SK


Last week a group of Molson Coors employees (in above photo) volunteered at the 36th annual Telemiracle in Regina Saskatchewan. The event, often referred to by the community as “Saskachewan’s charity” is lead by the Kinsmen & Kinettes of SK and all the funds raised stay in the province.  It’s the largest and longest running Telethon charity in Canada.  This year, our team of volunteers answered phones and took donations for three hours to help raise over $5.9 million (record).  After the fundraising, our team ensured all the volunteers enjoyed an ice cold beer to celebrate the successful initiative.  Thanks to Mike Tate, Sales Manager, SK for leading this volunteer opportunity!  Cheers.



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  1. Great job! It’s cool to see how a global company gives back, especially with volunteers and in-kind gifts (like the victory Coors Lights.) Keep it up, We at enjoy the silver bullet during our fishing tournament – looking forward to it again this April.

    Mike J

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