Raising a pint (or bottle) for a Firkin good cause


We’ve launched our annual holiday campaign with The Firkin Group of Pubs, partnering with the student-founded and youth driven charity, Meal Exchange. Throughout the month of December, Ontario pub patrons can support Meal Exchange by purchasing a Molson Canadian or Molson Canadian 67/Sublime at any of the participating Firkin Pub locations across Ontario. For every pint or bottle “raised”, The Firkin Group of Pubs and Molson Coors Canada will each donate $0.25 to Meal Exchange.

This is the seventh year of the campaign which has raised over $125,000 dollars. These funds have supported local food banks in Ontario and funded public education programs on food security. With 31 pubs participating this year, our fundraising goal is set at $18,000.

One in eight Ontario households lack the physical and economic means to access sufficient, safe and nutritious food. While over 395,106 turn to a food bank each month for assistance, many more sacrifice their diets in other ways in order to make ends meet.

“Meal Exchange’s founding program made it easy for people to help alleviate hunger while dining on campus,” says Dave Kranenburg, Executive Director, Meal Exchange. “This campaign brings this same idea to life in the community and the money it generates will allow us to feed people today and increase their access to healthy food year-round.”

Student volunteers from Meal Exchange will be visiting the participating pubs during the campaign to speak with the Firkin staff about the important work Meal Exchange does to address food insecurity.

“Meal Exchange representatives visiting our pubs is a great way to increase awareness of the campaign as well as ensure our teams understand how their hard work during a very busy season can make a difference in local communities,” says Larry Isaacs, Director of Marketing, The Firkin Group of Pubs.

Pub patrons can support the fundraising campaign now until Dec 31st, 2011. To find a pub near you: http://www.firkinpubs.com/


Traci Shepheard, Molson Coors Canada, Larry Isaacs, The Firkin Group of Pubs and Dave Kranenburg, Meal Exchange kick off the 2011 campaign at Firkin on King in Toronto, ON

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  1. It’s nice to see the Molson brand giving back to the community. Now I feel extra buzzed when I tilt back a frosty bottle of your hops based beverage!

  2. Thanks Jim!

    Tonia Hammer

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