Molson Coors Water Stewardship Month – Making Every Drop Count


Water matters to us because without it, we can’t brew great beer.  And, it matters to an increasing number of people as freshwater becomes more scarce in regions around the world.  That’s why it’s vital that we live up to our water pledge – to be good stewards of the drops we use and community-minded about the ripples we leave.  That is what September is all about at Molson Coors.

Once again, hundreds of employees in the US, UK and Canada joined in volunteer events to clean our shorelines, riverbanks and watersheds.  This year, nearly 500 employees took a home water survey and pledged to conserve water at home.  I pledged to save 10% and I’m doing that by taking short showers, using high-efficiency appliances and cutting back on outdoor watering.

Some of us told our friends and family about the survey and encouraged them to take it, too.  Together, we pledged to save nearly 3.4 million litres every month for the coming year.  We’ll also be donating to organizations that support water conservation and sustainability like the World Wildlife Fund Canada, Wateraid and Water for People.

More importantly, Molson Coors is on target to reach its global goal of a 15% increase in water efficiency by the end of 2012.  Still brewing great beer, but doing it with less water.  I’ll drink to that!

Bart Alexander is chief responsibility officer at Molson Coors

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