Last Long Weekend of Summer…oh my…say CHEERS



Cheers to the last long weekend!

…oh my…another summer is creeping to a close…

This last long weekend of summer, the September Long weekend, or as some refer to it as Labour Day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer. We look back on the summer that was and all those wonderful occasions that brought friends and family together…the rendezvous on patios, backyard bar-b-q’s, tennis with an old friend, long lake trips with guests, community volunteerism, the farmers’ markets, festival and events in every corner of the country, cottaging, water skiing, tubing, socials, weddings, engagements, birthday celebrations, road trips, camping, canoeing, visting a place you’d never been to, travel and perhaps just a quiet moment with friends enjoying the end of day sunset (feel free to comment on your favourite summer occasion below).

Summer 2011 was just as wonderful as summers past and summers to come. I suppose in Canada it becomes a bit of a ritual for us, given the shorter seasonal aspect of summer. We really learn how to pack it in through what one could say is really just eight weeks of peak weather that we can hopefully count on.

So as you pack up the car that one last time, or sweep the back patio, or tune up the bbq or load that fridge with beer for the last major soiree of summer…take good care…choose responsibly and cheers to the September Long Weekend ! @MolsonFerg

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