Do some Good…get some Awesome. Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project in Toronto


Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project made it’s way back to Ontario in August.  First stop was Trinity Bellwoods Park and then Humber Bay Park in Toronto.

These were the final two Red Leaf Project events planned this year…. but then many volunteers and our facebook fans told us that they want more!  So keep an eye out this September for more Red Leaf Project events in partnership with the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean up.

Thank you for supporting this program Canada, and for doing your part to help make this awesome land even better :)   Cheers!

Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto

Trinity Bellwoods Park Volunteers restored and cleaned up the park, distributing mulch to an area of dry, compacted soil.  This improves the quality of the soil, provides fertilizer for trees, helps to retain moisture and prevents weeds from growing.

Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto

They also removed two garbage bags of litter and 50 yard waste bags of the invasive plant species Burdock, which out-competes native plants for sunlight and water, and grows thistles.

Humber Bay Park, Toronto

Humber Bay Park Evergreen and the Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project wrapped up an awesome summer of park restoration projects at Humber Bay Park West. Volunteers removed invasive plant species, and distributed mulch to newly planted Sumac trees to help improve the soil quality, prevent weeds from growing and retain moisture after rainfall.  Being a park on the shore of Lake Ontario, the area is subject to harsh winds and intense weather conditions all year round, resulting in dry, poor quality soil.

Humber Bay Park, Toronto

In total the group removed 4 garbage bags of litter, 9 yard waste bags of invasive species Purple Vetch and Thistles, and applied 20 cubic metres of mulch to over 400 native trees.

Humber Bay Park, Toronto

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  1. very nıce people………

    baran ulusoy
  2. hi guys you protecting your cuntry from pollution it’s importent to do it thanks

  3. …so great when we can take our on line friendship and put them on the ground and make such a difference…cheers everyone @MolsonFerg


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