From the Streets of Paris…to a Cab


Matt Grahlman and New Taxiguy Partner Paris Taxi

Photo L-R: Marcia Hill, Manager of Paris Taxi; Matt Grahlman, Molson Coors Representative.

This is why I love working for Molson Coors Canada; our Matt Grahlman had an idea; took that idea and ran with it… is his story!

Cheers @MolsonCaroleB

Being a beer enthusiast, Molson employee, and father of four in a small town, I saw an opportunity to do something good in the area that helped encourage responsible use of our products while keeping our streets where my kids walk and play a bit safer.
I made a call to Paris taxi and explained to them what the TAXIGUY program was about and they were excited to get on board.
Being a small town, the nearest taxi guy option was 20 minutes away and cabs often didn’t want to come out to Paris for calls.  Having Paris taxi on board was key to the taxi guy program.
I will be hitting up local bars, restaurants, and community events over the next month distributing $1000.00 in vouchers to owners and consumers with the message about responsible use.

The community can now download the TAXIGUY APP, which is 100% free and at the touch of a button, the call will go directly to Paris Taxi or the closest Taxi Company to your location.
If it helps keep my children, and my friends and neighbors safe, its worth every dime!

Way to go Matt!

The Bars that will be handing out the Taxi Vouchers are The Cobblestone Pub; Canadian Tavern; Cafe Europa and Cedar House Restaurant.

For more information about TAXIGUY Inc. visit



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