Do some Good…Get some Awesome. Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project in Covehead, PEI & Sarnia, ON


Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project was in Covehead, PEI and Sarnia, ON!  Up next…Gibbon’s Park, London, ON this Saturday and Sheriff Robertson Park in Edmonton on July 23rd!

Location: Covehead, PEI – Stanhope Place Park Project

Covehead, PEI - Stanhope Place

Volunteers learned about aquatic ecosystem stewardship. The most important issue was estuary (the place where fresh water from a river, meets salt water from the ocean) rehabilitation, and removing large amounts of an invasive plant called Sea Lettuce that was choking out local fish populations. The Sea Lettuce is experiencing extreme growth due to the excess amounts of nitrates from fertilizers used in nearby farms.

Covehead, PEI - Stanhope Place

Volunteers also planted 40 native trees along a stream, adding chain fences around each to protect from hungry rabbits. They battled mosquitoes to build 6 large brush silt mats to help prevent shoreline erosion and to protect the stream (and fish habitat) from excessive silt (which is soil running into the water, making in more shallow so that fish are not able to travel freely).

Covehead, PEI - Stanhope Place

Location: Sarnia, ON – Canatara Park Project

Sarnia, ON - Canatara Park

Red Leaf participants learned about removing invasive plant species, and general park clean up. The team worked incredible hard to remove 60 garbage bags full of harmful invasive species (a plant called Fragmites) and 20 garbage bags full of litter polluting the park.

Sarnia, ON - Canatara Park

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  1. Fantastic day in Sarnia with over 30 eager volunteers on a great park clean-up. Even learned some things about a turtle pass in the process. Nice to be a part of a like-minded group of Canadians especially the nice cold CDN beer we had afterwords..!!

    Kevin Britton
  2. Wow … quite impressive to see this great Molson Coors Team gathering together to leave a positive print on our canadian lands! Congratulations from a friend and colleague from Montreal, Quebec. Santé!

  3. im requesting here to anyone here to be my friends. i real like canadian peoples. anyone pls let us be friends. i’ll be proud to hear frm anyone of this group. congratulations for good job u did.

    lazaro laurent

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