Text + TAXIGUY = Win your ride home this summer!



Summer and all that comes with it (BBQ’s, pool parties and of course celebrating with friends at your favoutrite pub) is finally around the corner! Molson Coors and TAXIGUY will be offering consumers a chance to win $25.00 in TAXIGUY vouchers OR a $25.00 fuel gift card for designated drivers to help you get home safe.

All you have to do is text “TAXIGUY” to 665766 to enter for a weekly draw and it all starts this week right before the kick off  the May 24 weekend.

Have you gotten your APP yet?


Do not forget to download our FREE smartphone app at taxiguydialer.com.  This easy to install app allows you to connect with a taxicab in hundreds of  Canadian cities and towns with a single tap!  The 1-888-TAXIGUY Dialer determines your location based on the cell phone tower you are using and automatically calls one of the 425 participating taxicab companies.

We are proud to partner with TAXIGUY Inc., “The National Leader in Safe Transportation Tools”  with over 3,000,000 safe rides home in over 400 cities across Canada.

Have a wonderful and safe long weekend, Cheers CaroleB

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