Summer Reps take to the roads…


Summer Rep 2011 002 My gosh…I walk in an have a chat with a room full of our summer representatives and find out that I’m getting old ! It was 30 years ago this week that I sat in a room similar to them in a hotel in downtown Toronto for my summer representative orientation. And…the fundamental purpose and journey for these young ladies and gentlemen has not changed very much at all. They will criss cross the Province of Ontario at various festivals, community events, ball events, soccer events, bbq’s, backyard get togethers, reunions, slo pitch, social gatherings and family events. In each and every situation they will be promoting responsible choices…and helping Ontarians connect with each other in occasions that this great summer ahead will bring. A toast to our summer team of 2011. I’ve got fond memories from my days in Northern Ontario and I know that you’ll help make our beer drinkers in Ontario have a great summer by your presence and effort. Cheers @MolsonFerg

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  1. I am organising a Softball tournament on June 11. I was wondering if Molson would be willing to donate some stuff. Anything would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi there! Depending on your location in Canada will determine who to contact – please contact our customer service at 1800MOLSON1 with details. thanks! Tonia


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