Molson Coors Employees Spring into Action


2011 20 Minute Clean Up Group Shot2

The Annual 20 Minute Clean Up is back and I love it, a sure sign spring is around the corner and just maybe we can finally put that winter gear away for good! Molson Coors Canada employees from the Carlingview Drive and Airport Road Offices got together to pick up litter for 20 minutes.

2011 20 Minute Clean Up Crew beside Carlingview ramp

Employees pick up the trash on the Carlingview Drive ramp from the 401.

2011 20 Minute Clean Up Rob Winns a pair of tickets to concert of his choice

Rob Leprich is the winner of a pair of tickets to a concert of his choice this summer at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre

For more info on the Community Clean Up in your area go to Mayor Rob Ford’s Community Clean Up Plan.

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  1. …way to go team…it’s really encouraging to see so many people take a few minutes out of their day to make a statement…and a difference by the look of how much “stuff” you picked up alongside Carlingview Drive…cheers to a wonderful weekend @MolsonFerg

    Ferg Devins
  2. I hope that for our Tree Planting day (May 11), it will as nice weather as it was for your clean-up 20-minute event in Toronto!


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