OK Spring…we’re ready for you any time…


Waking up this morning I was overjoyed to hear the sound of water running in the streets. I guess I was still in a dream state of my youth in Kenora Ontario where water would actually be running in the streets at the end of March. Alas, looking out the window there were actually flurries in Toronto and the water sound was traffic plying through the slushy environs. I know I know, March in like a lamb and out like a lion (and I’m not suggesting a few flakes are lion…friends from outside Toronto will pounce on that !) Spring in the beer biz is a special time of year. Throughout communities it is a time of renewal…a time to prepare for all the natural ramp up to festivals, events, hockey playoffs, spring breaks, family reunions, awards shows and the gradual opening of patios speckled across this great land. It’s also a time to keep responsible choices in mind. So, a toast to communities coast to coast to coast…spring, we’re ready whenever you are. Cheers. @MolsonFerg http://amplify.com/u/bxbs1

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