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Landing on home turf – Beer Convoy/fermentors arrive at Molson Coors brewery on January 17th, 2011, 4:00 a.m.

It’s an epic day at the Molson Coors Toronto brewery. This morning at 4:00 a.m., we watched as our six new beer fermentors, “tanks” rolled down Carlingview Drive and made their way towards the Molson Coors Toronto Brewery.  It’s been an exciting journey, and we’re even more excited to get them up and running to brew more beer!  8.4 million bottles to be exact… (that’s how many bottles of beer can fit in the 6 tanks).

Convoy of 6 Fermentor Tanks

There really were hundreds of people involved in making this convoy a success.   Traveling from the Hamilton Port to 33 Carlingview Drive in Toronto, it took:

  • 35+ police officers  (from all 5 municipalities…thank you!)
  • 20 Utility Vehicles… (Thank you Rogers, Cogeco, Hamilton Hydro, Milton Hydro, Burlington Hydro, Halton Hydro, Toronto Hydro, Mississauga Hydro, Brampton Hydro, York Hydro)
  • We traveled 108 km
  • 40+ vehicle convoy
  • Passed through 250 stop lights
  • Lifted, raised or took down 1,614 service wires

Thank you to team Challenger (Motor Freight specialists) and Mammoet (Heavy lifting and transport specialist) -amazing job by all.  And how fitting to end the journey on the coldest day of the year!? ;)

Also thank you to everyone who followed along with the convoy (literally and digitally) – your support, patience and interest was truly appreciated!  If you took photos/video when we were passing through your area, we would love to see them! Please share links in the comment section.

Molson Coors Brewery Fermentor Transport 005

Installation of the fermentors at the brewery begins later today…keep an eye on the blog for photos and video of the process!

More pics

More on the story – Toronto Star

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  1. after working on this BIG MOVE since July of last year I’m really looking forward to going forward to future MOVES with Challenger and wish everyone all the best for thier patience while completing this most difficult task.Good Luck Molson Coors I’m glad we could help! Cheers

    Mark Sandrock
  2. This was a massive undertaking. Kudos to Challenger + Molson for all of their fantastic logistical work. It was a project we were proud to be part of. Cheers!

  3. Anyone who saw the convoy – moving along its 108 km – could not be anything but impressed. Congratulations to all involved. I raise my glass to MolsonCoors Canada!

    Lynn Préfontaine
  4. Proud to be a part of it!! And feeling priviliged to have worked with everbody that made it happen!

    Frank DeVries
  5. I would raise my glass to the company but 8 weeks ago I sent in my coupon for the free “inside case” etched glass and haven’t received it. Great campaign Molson. Like ripping off your customers much !!!!

    Steve Sutherland
  6. Hi Steve, thanks for the comment – I’ve sent your note to our customer service department who will follow up and help you out! Cheers. Tonia

    Tonia Hammer

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