Have you checked you privacy settings lately?


Have you checked your Facebook privacy settings lately ? A friend stopped by and said “why haven’t you confirmed me as a friend…I can see all your pictures and stuff”…which led me instantly to have a peek at my “privacy settings” on Facebook. What I found was that a lot of the apps and web sites had an auto review of photos, contacts etc. Here’s a quick guide to tightening things up a bit. Click on “account” up in the right corner, then on “privacy settings”, this gives a nice overview dashboard, now click left corner “applications and websites” “edit your settings”, make sure you check out “applications you use”, click on “edit settings”,now you will see the full list of apps and web sites looking in at you,this is where you click “edit settings” beside each one of them and ensure that the access you are providing is access you want to provide…there you go…Merry Christmas…Cheers @MolsonFerg http://amplify.com/u/iw8p

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