Lorette Curling Club receives $5,000 donation


The Lorette Curling Club celebrated with a “grand opening’ on Friday, October 29.  Over the past year, the Club had created a new logo and signage, in addition, they built a permanent bar in the lounge.  The enthusiasm and the energy of the Lorette Curling Club volunteers was recognized with a $5,000 donation from the Molson Coors Community Investment Fund.

L to R – Gerald Lambert, Sales Rep with Molson Coors Canada & Nancy Brommell, President of Lorette Curling Club

Lorette Curling Club

Check out the Dawson Trail Dispatch for more details about the donation and Club!

Molson Coors Canada is pleased to support volunteer initiatives at grassroots level that promotes active lifestyles….cheers sagree

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  1. Awesome pic Sagree. love it :)

    Tonia Hammer
  2. I think it’s fabulous that Molson cares enough about community projects to get involved and to sponsor their endeavors. I believe that such commitment deserves our support in returning the “favor” by endorsing their products and by spreading the word! Thanks Molson!!! Resident and curler of Lorette.

    Lucille Brunette
  3. Great. Sweat labour doesn’t always get it done, with corporate support such as this local groups can get it done. Thanks Molson.
    And yes, we do remember our sponsors.

  4. Awesome thanks Molson for supporting a great club and sport

  5. Thanks so much to Molsons Coors Canada for their support of the Lorette Curling Club. It’s been my pleasure to work the Molsons people and with a corporation that supports healthy lifestyles. Oh, and Gerald, you’re right – that Molson 67 beer – awesome!

    Nancy Brommell
  6. Congrats Lorette Curling Club! Great turn out, what a good way to start off the curling season! Thank you Molson-Coors!

  7. Thanks Molson! Your support for our curling club is really appreciated and having Gerald with us October 29th was awesome. We have a great community club where we enjoy lots of fun curling, and a Molson after the game is really appreciated as we discuss curling strategy, among other things…

    Kathleen Messner
  8. Thanks Molson, your contribution to our club will continue to help us make our facility a place to be proud of and ensure its continued growth in the adult leagues and junior curling program. So far sales have been great & people are enjoying themselves.

  9. Thanks Molson for supporting our Lorette Curling Club. We’re really happy with our new bar and appreciated having you attend our grand opening!

    Adele Rohulych
  10. Molsons, Thank you for the extensive line of products to offer to our club, in our new bar.We have a strong club and have a great time each week. And now with your help we are working on improving our facility.

  11. Thanks Molson Coors! Your support means a lot for our curling programs in Lorette. Curling and beer… who knew we’d make such a great team?

  12. Great to see great Canadian corporations supporting local curling clubs; helps to keep them vibrant and vital to the community. Congrats Lorette CC for your hard work!

  13. Thank you Molsons for your generous financial assistance. Active and visible support creates many win/win situation. Look forward to your continued support in our community. It is truly appreciated.

  14. Wonderful to have Molsons take an interest and support amateur curling. The new bar looks great. Thanks Molsons

  15. A Huge Thanks to Molsons for supporting curling and our club!

  16. Salut Nancy – eh bien, j’ai trouvé la place. Je te félicite, madame la présidente, pour ton leadership, ton courage de persévérer (malgré quelques obstacles) en tant que chef de notre club. C’est formidable de t’avoir là, comme présidente!

    Thanks, Nancy, for your great leadership and initiative. It’s great having you as “Madame Presidente”. :)

    Hurry! Hurry Hard!

    Oh! and by the way, thank’s also to Mr. Molson! Great beer! (Except Kokanee; real late at night).

  17. Your assistance is greatly appreciated, thanks for supporting our club, the new look makes a huge difference to the feel of the club. We couldn’t have done it without the help, much appreciated.

    Laura Nault
  18. Thanks Molsons for your support towards our curling club. We are enjoying the beautiful bar and all that it offers. That’s what curling in Lorette is all about…the drinks and the people.

  19. love the spirited response of the town and its curlers…cheers @MolsonFerg

    Ferg Devins
  20. Thank you Molson Coors. Corporate sponsoship that you are providing will bring the Lorette Curling Club to a new level, more in line with the many curling clubs in rural Manitoba. the new bar is an added attraction to invite other clubs to participate in our bonspiels/events. I am sure the LCC will bring OV and other Molson products to a new level in Lorette. Thanks also to Nancy and her team for taking this initiative.


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