Cheers to the Top 100 Winners from Molson Coors Canada


We are so honoured to be selected one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers!  We are among many great companies and we’d like to propose a toast to all of the winners!

It’s really a privilege to write this blog post on behalf of our 3000+ employees across the country at Molson Coors Canada.   We’re all so proud to work for North America’s oldest brewing company!

From community commitment (those who read this blog regularly will know that giving back to the community “proud to play our part” is deeply rooted at Molson Coors) to a portfolio of extraordinary brands, Molson Coors Canada is truly fueled by our employees – the “beer champions”, the people who make this company who it is today, 224 years strong.

I’ve been working at Molson Coors Canada for three years come January, and from day one as an intern to now, the smile on my face and pride I feel when I tell people where I work remains the same. Our people…our events…the way we interact with our beer drinkers who love our products… I mean really, what could be better than working for a company that can connect Canadians over a beer!?  How great is that? J

Again, thank you to Canada’s Top 100 Employers and congratulations to the Top 100 Winners!  Raising a pint to you all.


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  1. …after 26 years at Molson Coors in Canada I can certainly say that this is a proud moment for me…but we are also committed to listening to what this means for our employees…is it “real” for them…we’re asking what they feel are clear indicators of this achievement AND what do they think that we need to improve upon…we’ll be doing this through open conversations and a chat with our President in the coming weeks…as well as on our internal social networks…cheers to the other 99 Top Employers in Canada…hopefully we’ll all raise a glass together this weekend

    Ferg Devins

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