Molson Coors Moncton Brewery Wins Green Award


Molson Moncton

Molson Coors Moncton Brewery

It is with the utmost pleasure that I blog about another award Molson Coors has received! Our Moncton brewery applied for the Moncton Industrial Park Association Green Award, and won! Gary Cook, Chief  Power Engineer, sent in the application on behalf of the folks at the Moncton brewery.  The application explained all of the “go green” initiatives and exemplary teamwork at the plant in order to achieve these green goals.

Peter Belliveau from the Moncton Industrial Parks Association was at the brewery on Tuesday, September 28th to present an engraved plaque and cash prize to Gary Cook. There was also  a BBQ for the entire team funded by the award from the Industrial Parks Association today…we like the sound of that!

As highlighted by Gary, one of the biggest initiatives to be environmentally responsible was to set reduction targets for all plant utilities.  Since 2008, Moncton has been achieving these reductions…check out these awesome percentages:

1. Electricity 32%
2. Water 36%
3. Natural gas 33%
4. Co2 63%

To ensure that the brewery is making environmentally friendly choices, an annual external environmental audit is conducted. All the glass used at the plant is recycled from the redemption centre, all waste glass is crushed, and all cardboard is baled and recycled. These are just some of the examples of how the brewery vows to be environmentally friendly, and proudly play their part to be a leader in environmental sustainability.

This is another proud moment in our 224 year history of brewing Canada’s favourite beers.  Cheers to the team in Moncton, what an honourable and exciting achievement!

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