Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up – Molson Coors Employees Lend A Hand


Toronto - Woodbine Beach

The Molson Coors Toronto Team

Ottawa - Rideau Canal, Major Hills Park

Cleaning up at Woodbine Beach, Toronto

It was a busy 24 hours from Friday into Saturday for Molson Coors Canada…in the spirit of ‘proud to play our part’, we got up early on a weekend morning and volunteered to clean the shoreline of Woodbine Beach in Toronto!  It was a fun and productive morning, that saw 220 volunteers collect 380kg of trash.  Several Molson Coors employees came out  as well, accompanied by their friends and family to help make our shorelines a little more beautiful.Following the clean-up, the group headed to the Gull and Firkin for some pints of Canadian and delicious appetizers.

Molson Canadian partnered with WWF and the Vancouver Aquarium as a national sponsor of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup and participated in these clean-ups across the country, which run from September 18 all the way through to the 26th.  There were also employees who took the initiative to plan their own clean-up event in their communities, and acted as brand ambassadors of Molson Coors wearing t-shirts and sampling some fine Molson Canadian with their friends. With water being such an important part of brewing our beers, we wanted to play our part and keep Canadian water clean and our land beautiful.

A big thank you to Tonia Hammer, who planned and represented Molson Coors at this event.  Cheers!

P.S. – Best find of the clean-up goes to Mike MacDonald for recovering a suitcase…interesting to say the least!

Check out the video of Ian Douglas, one of the key leaders at MCC for water stewardship in Canada, talking about the GCSC (I hope you’re a Journey fan):

Some more cleanup pics from across the country:


The Molson Coors folks in Halifax

Vancouver - Kits Beach

Some panda love at Kits Beach, Vancouver.

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  1. Great day Lindsay – thanks for joining us…volunteering + cold beer = perfect Saturday morning.

    Lol…Love the Glee soundtrack in the background of the video!

    Tonia Hammer

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