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For fifteen years Ernie, Vicki and Nathalie Eves have hosted the Justin Eves Foundation golf tournament at Rattlesnake Golf and Country Club in Milton.

Over 300 young adults have received bursaries to support their pursuit of post secondary education. This is just remarkable, and the stories by those who have benefited are truly amazing and inspiring.

Mack and Christi in this photo are two former recipients and they shared their stories with us at the event…Mack in a formal presentation from the podium and Christi in a casual way after dinner.

Minds in Motion and the Justin Eves Foundation truly make a difference in the lives of aspiring young adults. I encourage you to take a look at their website…you might decide that this is a place where you can help make a difference in your community.

Cheers. @MolsonFerg

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  2. I would personally like to thank Ernie, Vicki and Nathalie Eves for inviting me to attend dinner at the Justin Eves Foundation golf tournament at Rattlesnake Golf and Country Club in Milton on Monday night. Dinner was fabulous along with conversation.
    I am one of last years scholarship recipients. The scholarship helped me finically in my first year of Political Science and Business at the University of Waterloo as well as giving me the confidence to apply for other scholarships.
    Since being awarded my Scholarship I have concluded my first year with a great average, as well as completed an international summer internship in East Africa.
    Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity of a life time,
    Best wishes and health,
    Krista O’Shaughnessy

    Krista O'Shaughnessy

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