Molson Coors Employees Help Make MS Bike Tour A Bit Sweeter


Molson Coors employees volunteer at MS Society

Our Helpful Team of Molson Coors Volunteers!

Hey all,

Lindsay here, the newest intern with the Public Affairs team in Toronto and I’m writing my first blog post for Molson Coors Canada…very exciting stuff! I had the opportunity to lend a helping hand with Alain Quintard and his team for the RONA MS Bike Tour…read on for the details of the day!

On August 10, Alain Quintard gathered employees from 33 Carlingview Drive to help package snack bags for the upcoming Rona MS Bike Tours on behalf of the MS Society. Alain has been volunteering with the MS Society for 7 years, raising money to help cure this debilitating disease which affects a large percentage of Canadians.

Alain has taken it upon himself to help organize the Toronto Bike Tour, one of 5 bike tours for MS, which is proudly being sponsored by Molson Coors Canada. Other tours include Acton to Waterloo, and Niagara Falls. In order to participate, cyclists must pay a registration fee and raise a minimum of $250 in pledges.

“By giving some of my time and effort for a good cause such as MS, I’m not only giving but also receiving a lot in return. And sometimes, when I’m a few strides away from reaching a finish line after several hours of pushing and pushing on my skates to the point I’m almost ready to give up, I have some special thoughts for those who are not as fortunate as I am to do what I’m doing. As soon as I cross the finish line, I can start resting; but for these people, the line where they could finally rest is so far away! With every raised dollar, nickel or penny, we’ll one day find a cure and they will cross their line to rest.” Said Alain Quintard, Distribution Quality Specialist at Molson Coors.

The team, which included Donna Razik, Mike MacDonald, Marta Horofker, Dan Thiemann, Sebastien Gagner, and Anne Renner spent six hours at the MS Society office located in downtown Toronto, packaging perfectly portioned snack bags for cyclists in each bike tour. The Toronto Bike Tour will be held on September 12, at 9:30 a.m., beginning and ending at Centennial Park in Etobicoke. The tour lengths are 30 km, or 55km.

Big thanks to the team for helping out with such a great cause, and we wish Alain a fun and safe bike tour!

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  1. What a great team you are … congratulations to you all and to Lindsay for her first blog, quite an amazing one! Bravo!

    Monique Dépatie
  2. congrats to the team…I know that Alain was truly proud when he popped by my office to give me a personal review of the impact that you all made…just great to see…cheers to everyone for such a great impactful volunteer moment

    Ferg Devins
  3. On behalf of the MS Society, we would like to thank Alain and his crew from Molson Coors. We had our first Bike Tour this weekend from Acton to Waterloo and everybody truly appreciated their snacks!

    Thank you for your spirited volunteer efforts!

    Laura Franklin

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