Canada Day count down is on…Cheers to our Canadian Troops



Last week I had the honour of organizing a beer delivery of Molson Canadian to Afghanistan with the help of the Canadian Forces Deployment Resources and Molson Coors’ logistics and distributions team.  With pride, I tweeted that I was doing so and the replies and tweet support that came back made me smile and just think about how much I love my job today and everyday because I work for a company that can and continues to support our troops around the world.

Canada Day Beer Delivery for Canadian Forces

Loading up the truck – Tim Young and Tonia Hammer (me), Molson Coors Canada in Toronto)

Care of @MolsonFerg (who I swear is a walking library on Molson history!), I learned that supplying support to Canadian troops has been a tradition at Molson as far back as the late 1700s when John Molson served his country as a politician in peacetime – and as a soldier during war.

Throughout the War of 1812-14, Mr. Molson – the force behind the establishment of the country’s first commercial steamboat enterprise – enlisted in the force along with two of his sons and dedicated his steamships to the service of the Crown. The Swiftsure was the first steamship to be used in war.

So, on behalf of our employees here at Molson Coors Canada, cheers all of our Canadian Armed Forces and their families – ongoing, but especially now as Canada Day approaches.  We’re raising a toast to your brave service.

Cheers, @MolsonTonia

Canada Day Beer Delivery for Canadian Forces

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  1. Great work Tonia… is good to be part of sharing our thoughts, support and a taste of home with our Canadian forces around the world!!

    Tim Young
  2. i just wanted to say i think it is great that u guyz do that for our ppl over there. i am a big molson canadian fan, i work at a pub in bc, and would love for u guyz to come and check it out. the gigling grizzly in mcbride bc. thnx for supporting our ppl over there.

    rueben williamson
  3. Thanks guys! Our men and women serving don’t get to have much beer I think it’s maybe 2 a month or something like that. Our buddies out there really appreciate it when it’s beer time. It’s not exactly a kushy job! Thanks for supporting my husband and my friends husbands and wives and the Canadian Military in general!
    You’re the best!

  4. I can imagine how much those men and women must appreciate a frosty Molson Canadian after all of the hard work they do in the desert. Thanks for supporting them and delivering a little taste of Canada.
    Hope they all return safe and sound.

  5. Molson is the very taste of Canada, and has become part of our identity as a nation. There’s no better way to bring Canada Day to our troops then with a gift that will take them back to a warm summer back home. Thank you for indulging our troops.

    chris townsend
  6. Congratulations, what a great job.

  7. Tonia – GREAT WORK! These are the things that make me so proud to work for Molson Coors and especially on this brand. I will be thinking about this when I am in Ottawa on Canada Day!

    David Bigioni
  8. This is awsome and greatly appreciated, thanks

    Ted Lee
  9. I think that is great. They will certainly appreciate a cold one. Way to go Molson!

  10. great thing for u to do for our troops, Molson Canadian, but really do u thing u might have wanted to send them just one more truck load…..lololol u know that is a great tasting beer so they might not be able to stop at just one…. i know i can’t…….and for our troops way to be hang in there and hopfully we can get u out and home soon…..thank u for all u are doing for us here…u will always be thought of …..XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX again i thank u with all my heart

  11. My son is over there now on his third tour, and I know how important it is for them to know we support them in what they are doing.
    The little things mean alot to them. As a parent it’s comforting to know other people are just as proud of the sacrifices they make for us and others today and everyday in the past and the future.


  12. Thank you so much for supporting our troops as most of us do and also for the history lesson. Keep up the good work and pat yourself on the back for a good deed, well done !

  13. It is a great feeling to know there are still people like you guys in this troubled world of ours.Thanks so much.Sylvia from calgary

  14. Awesome. I don’t care much for Molson myself, but I’m lucky enough to be able to choose. I’m also lucky enough to have such brave men and women serving the country I’m lucky enough to live in. God bless, sincere thanks, stay hard, and happy Canada day.

  15. The troops deserve a nice cold beer not to mention our eternal gratitude! How Canadian! Support our troops!!!

    dave canty
  16. Great idea Molson, I’m sure the troops will be very appreciative and it will go along way to raise their sprits (no pun intended). Have a very happy Canada Day to all our neighbors to the North from San Antonio, Texas.

  17. Unless my memory has completely abandoned me, Molson supplied 57 Canadian Signals Unit in the Congo when I was there in 1963/64. Goodonya!!!

    Ron Smith
  18. Thanks to Molsons for supporting our troops

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    RT @herofund: Great Job Molson Coors! [link to post] @MolsonFerg Cheers to the Canadian Troops

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    nikadixon (Nika Dixon)
  20. Twitter Comment

    Cheers @MolsonTonia and the rest of the team who organized a #CanadaDay drop off for the troops [link to post]

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    MolsonFK (Forest Kenney)
  21. Twitter Comment

    RT @MolsonFK: Cheers @MolsonTonia and the rest of the team who organized a #CanadaDay drop off for our troops [link to post]

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    molsonmoffat (Adam Moffat)
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    #ilovemyjob :) RT @MolsonFK: Cheers @MolsonTonia and the team who organized a #CanadaDay beer drop off for our troops [link to post]

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    MolsonTonia (Tonia Hammer)
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    As one of millions with friends serving, grateful to @MolsonTonia and the team for #CanadaDay drop off for our troops [link to post]

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    GeoffKoehler (Geoff Koehler)
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    RT @MolsonFK: Cheers @MolsonTonia and the rest of the team who organized a #CanadaDay drop off for the troops [link to post]

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    MolsonScot (Scot Benson)
  25. Cheers!


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