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At Molson Coors Canada we continue to be proud to play oure part in the Community across so many dimensions. Our focus remains on promoting active lifestyle not for profits and those Community Champions that help to make our communities a better place to live, play and work.

It’s always so re-assuring when we hear back from those with whom we work with in the community. Something as simple as a few empty beer cartons can go a long way to helping not for profit agencies in our community.

I thought I’d share this note of thanks in response to cartons provided to the Hamilton Food Share program. Thanks for the thanks Cass. Cheers !


The boxes arrived yesterday.

Thanks so very much as they will be split between
Hamilton Food Share, which includes some 14 Foodbanks
in the greater Hamilton area and Partnership West, my
organization who will have some 3,000 visits over the next
12 months.

Each visit to Partnership West means a full Molson / Coors box of
canned and dry goods with a retail value of just under $ 100.

Once again thank for your support, you are the good guys.


Cass Quinn

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