Vancouver Brewery Becomes Bicycle Friendly


A behind the scenes blog – new bike lockers at the Molson Coors Kitsilano Brewery on Burrard St. in Vancouver!  Thanks to David Tolnai, Operations for Molson Coors Canada in Vancouver for the update.  Cheers, MolsonTonia

Molson Coors Canada Vancouver Brewery Bike Lockers

Molson Coors Vancouver Brewery’s new Bike Lockers

For four, heck, maybe even five months of the year, Vancouver is one of the nicest cities in Canada for bike riding. For the rest of the year it’s a nightmare, but during those five months riding a bicycle in Vancouver is pretty great.  Unless you have to ride through downtown…or you want to run errands on the way home and need to lock your bike up outside of a store…or you don’t own lights…or you just don’t like getting wet!

Anyhow, riding a bicycle to work is a great way to get in shape and reduce the old carbon footprint. But making the decision to ride a bike to work isn’t easy and there are thousands of excuses holding people back from making the leap.

One excuse preventing Molson Coors employees from riding their bikes to work was the lack of appropriate bike storage facilities. In the past, there have been bikes locked to fences or stashed in stairwells, utility rooms and offices. None of these are ideal.

I’m happy to report that the Vancouver Brewery finally has a safe, clean, dry place to store bikes. A series of six double-sided bike storage lockers will store a total of twelve bicycles inside the gates at the brewery, out of the rain. Each locker will be assigned to a commuter and hopefully once springtime hits the demand will be great enough that we will be forced to buy more lockers.

Cheers, Dave

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  1. Vancouver brewery, great work on this! And its worth even more than the exercise, it also benefits the environment. Ride on!

  2. Companies like Molson ought to come forward and become leaders in environment friendly initiatives such as this one. Great work! Being supportive neighbors Rack Trendz will offer 10% discount on all bike racks off regular price to all Molson employees. We are located right behind Vancouver brewery at 1727 Fir Street. 604-568-1500


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