Molson Coors’ Lower Mainland Sales Team volunteers at The Door is Open



Front row L to R: Lynda Perovich, Heather Martin, Bernadette Penman, Teri Filiatrault

Back row L to R: Marina Guy, Denise Kerr, Mike Baxter, Allister Cave, Mo Rumley, Alisha Mills

The Door is Open 2009 007

The Team getting ready to cook up a storm!

This week Molson Coors Lower Mainland Sales team members, lead by District Sales Manager Lynda Perovich, volunteered their time to help those in need at The Door is Open, a day shelter for the homeless in Vancouver.

The team spent the morning preparing, and the lunch hour serving, over 500 portions of chili to some of Vancouver’s neediest citizens.

Congratulations to Lynda and the team for Playing their Part at the Door is Open for an amazing fourth year in a row.


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    For the 4th yr in a row, Molson Coors’ Lower Mainland Sales Team volunteers their time at the Door is Open in Van [link to post]

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    MolsonBryan (Bryan Cox)
  2. Way to go everyone – new jerseys look great too :)

    Tonia Hammer

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