Molson Coors Vancouver Brewery Recognized for Excellence


Vancouver Brewery CIPEC Award 2009

It takes great employees to make great-tasting beer. And guess what we do have both at Molson Coors! Our employees are some of the most engaged people on the planet. And that’s because we have a passion for communicating to employees, and involving them in the vision and goals of our enterprise.

I am the first one to support and recognize that employees are vital to our success, which is why when it came to energizing the bottom line with energy efficiency, we focused on engaging employees.

After receiving the BC Hydro Power Smart Leader designation in May, our team’s engagement and passion has been recognized once again last week by The Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC), a program of the Canadian Ministry of Natural Resources, which presented the Vancouver brewery with a Leadership Award in the category of “Employee awareness and training.”

What is CIPEC?

A program of Natural Resources Canada, CIPEC stands for Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation. To become CIPEC Leaders, organizations must agree to implement and report on energy conservation measures such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Why did we win?  Communicate often—and then some

It was results that clinched the deal. Our communications worked. The Vancouver brewery successfully engaged employees to participate in energy conservation initiatives—supporting our overall goal to reduce energy consumption in all our breweries by at least 5 per cent annually.

This drive is lead by all in Vancouver (and at all our other breweries for that matter) but particular recognition is due to Daniel Pelland, our Chief Brewing Officer – (cool job title isn’t it?), Daniel was, and still is a strong supporter of engaging employees, and he took the decision to invest $$ to fund and support a comprehensive employee communication and awareness campaign “The Power to make a difference” and it paid off, on many many fronts since its launch. Also, kudos goes to Rene Holt, Brewery Manager and Scott Gordon, Chief Engineer, Certified Energy Manager, at the Vancouver brewery for spreading the gospel of energy conservation and driving ongoing initiatives related to energy and water conservation. It takes a lot of effort, resources and planning to reach out to employees. But as Scott said, “it works, people are not only helping us reach energy conservation initiatives while they’re on the job, they’re also thinking about how to conserve energy at home. That’s the real sign that employees are committed.”

Don’t take my word for it—see for yourself. Watch the Streeter Video (produced by Molson Coors Canada in partnership with BC Hydro and see our employees in action.


Sebastien – @MolsonSeb

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    Congrats to our Vancouver Brewery! Recognized by Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC) – [link to post]

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    MolsonTonia (Tonia Hammer)
  2. Congratulations to the Vancouver team and all the employees for their engagement towards reducing the energy footprint. It’s great to see our efforts recognize by the Industry but more importantly its says that we are working the right way on one of our key strategic themes – sustainability. Well done, and more to come! Daniel, the Power to make a difference!


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