Lest we Forget…



As another November 11th draws to a close we can reflect in Canada as the nightly news recaps the ceremonies that honoured our fallen in war or military operations. Across Canada each province and community now have different approaches to what November 11th means. The meaning can be different for each individual but the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month is still a moment for us to remember those who fought and served so that we may enjoy the freedom that we experience today in Canada. I had the opportunity to attend last evening’s dinner in honour of Military Families - True Patriot Love. With over 178 tables sold, over $ 2 million was raised to support this wonderful foundation in support of the families of our military. As the sun creeps westward at the end of this Remembrance Day 2009 let us continue to be thankful of those who have fallen and for those Canadian Troops that are in the service around the globe in their various missions. Flanders Field

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