Happy Thanksgiving Canada


As this beautiful Sunday of the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend unfolds, (in Toronto that is…I know northwestern Ontario has had snow…no doubt they are enjoying a warm fire and a good magazine, book or clearing of emails…the west looks pretty chilly and the east still above zero with their autumn Maritime weather)  it is great to raise a glass to all that we have to be thankful for. As families, friends, neighbors and acquaintances gather for turkey and trimmings, and a nice cold glass of beer (lots to choose from in the Molson Coors portfolio folks) we can raise a glass to our country  Canada, it’s people and the multitude and diverse communities and cultures that it represents.  Its also a time of celebration as is sure the case to be at the Kitchener Waterloo Oktoberfest this weekend. It is just one of the multi cultural events that celebrates heritage from another land but brings it home to Canada as we celebrate together as Canadians in our cultural mosaic.  Let us also remember on this weekend those who are less fortunate and who can use a hand out or a hand up to make their day a little more comfortable. I’m mindful of the challenges that food banks across the country face in times of economic difficulty. We can all play a part by making a donation to our local foodbanks. So many can be helped if we channel our efforts this way. Thanks for helping to make a difference for someone in need.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada from all of us at Molson Coors Canada. @MolsonFerg

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  1. I love the feeling of community with your fellow man and the connection to your heritage that the fall season brings. With the Canadian Thanksgiving upon us, the United State’s Thanksgiving getting closer and Oktoberfest celebrations all around us, it’s great to remember what came before you. I’ll toast to that with a Rickard’s Red!

  2. Thanks Erin…and a toast back to you…cheers

    Ferg Devins

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