Molson Coors Employee creates the Michael Coss Brain Injury Foundation


Writing about employees making a difference in the community on this blog is a common theme – Molson Coors employees are embedded within the communities that we work and live in across the country.  This blog post tells the story of Michael Coss, a Molson Coors field marketer based out Vancouver, B.C. who is giving back to the community through a charitable organization HE founded – The Michael Coss Brain Injury FOUNDATION.

Michael Coss, Molson Coors Canada

Michael Coss - Meet Michael

Michael started this foundation about one year ago after he was injured in a serious car accident in May 2006.  The accident left him in a coma for 6 and 1/2 months.  Michael awoke from the coma after 3 treatments of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and is currently re-learning how to walk. While in rehab, Michael decided to start his foundation which will assist others with and those affected by brain injuries as well as promote and help fund HBOT.

Michael – we’re proud of you…thanks for letting us share your story.

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    New on the Molson blogs today…Molson Coors Employee creates the Michael Coss Brain Injury Foundation [link to post]

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    MolsonTonia (Tonia Hammer)
  2. Congratulations Michael for this wonderful achievement. You demonstrate of courage and dedication, and what a difference you can make in other’s lives … Very proud of you and thanks for the precious gift! Monique.

    Monique Dépatie
  3. Mike (Cosco) you are a difference maker wherever you go whether it be with Molson or your Brain Injury foundation. I am so blessed to have met you 15 years ago as well as work with you. You keep on doing the little things that always make a major difference…..cheers to you cosco and your foundation!

    Jay Heer
  4. I haven’t met Tram, but I have met Michael and his determination is an inspiration to those of us with TBI and to those who don’t.
    Good video clip. thanks!


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