Go Hockey Go!


Flag pole at the Toronto Brewery

I was out of the office yesterday, but thanks to a couple tweets from people driving by the brewery here in Toronto, I was reminded that the Toronto Maple Leafs flag is flying high in the sky on the Molson Coors flag pole at Carlingview Drive to celebrate the opening of the 2009-2010 season.   Molson is a long standing sponsor and supporter and partner of the Leafs as well as all our Canadian major league hockey teams – we’re proud to support hockey in Canada at all levels in the community.

So fans, tonight is the season opener and sure enough, it’s the Leafs vs. the Habs.  I was just in Montreal a couple weekends ago and was lucky enough to go to the Bell Centre for my first ever Habs game…but, there’s no place like home ;)

Have a great day everyone….game on.

Cheers, Tonia

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