MCVP (Molson Coors Volunteer Program) for Children’s Hospital Foundation


 A message from Walter Neveu, a Molson Coors Employee:

“Thanks again for all the support, and letting the Molson Employees do their part in our community. As you can see, it was a great success and the funds will go a long way in helping the sick children at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. The money raised allowed the hospital to get a new medical piece of equipment to nurse kids”

From left to right:

 (1st row):  Denis Perron, Benjamin Mercier, Pierre Chenvert, Alex Zarate, David Natale and Renald Leblanc

(2nd row):  Steve Lizotte, Walter Neveu (leader), Gilles Godbout, Bernard Pelegrino, Daniel Frenette and Jean Pilon

 Congratulations to the Team for Playing a huge part! 

Children's Hospital - Molson Coors Volunteer Project

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