Here’s to Jennifer Botterill and Responsible Choices


As another long weekend approaches,  say Yay to Sun and Nay to Rain!  As you are out and about or just chillin’ while you’re grilling, remember to drink responsibly. At Molson we not only encourage responsible drinking, we celebrate it and recognize the good choices that take place every day.  With the 2010 Olympic games around the corner we have partnered with Jennifer Botterill, member of Canada’s National Women’s Hockey Team.

Take a look at  Jennifer’s video above to help us celebrate Responsible Choices … Thanks Jennifer. Cheers.

Jennifer Botterill

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  1. Great initiative Molson!!! Responsible Choices is a winner!

  2. As a mother of two girls I am really happy with this campaign by Molson highlighting such a great young female role model with a very important message – thank you Molson!


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