Coney Island (Kenora Ontario) First “maybe annual” Music Festival


On vacation in the summer in Canada at the cottage (or as we say in Kenora “camp” and as you say in the west “cabin”) is certainly a great Canadian tradition. Another great Canadian tradition is the community festival. Community festivals stretch across this great land from coast to coast to the arctic. In 25 years at Molson I’ve seen a lot of events ranging from the Molson Canadian Rocks Toronto event at the time of SARS to Saint Joe’s Island with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, to the London Rocks Music Festivals over the years, the CNE Bandstand, Molson Park Edgefests to the Copper Kettle Festival in Creemore Ontario. The  George Street Festival in Newfoundland is iconic, as is the Stampede in Calgary.

So…when my neighbour Bill Wallace, former bass player for the Guess Who, came walking by and suggested we do a fundraiser for a local community cause on Coney Island in Kenora, how could I do anything but jump on board. All donations raised will go the the Lake of the Woods Arts Collective

Bill Wallace at Coney Island Conession

Hey, with the weather we’ve had this summer at the lake, I needed to be pre-occupied ! So this little grassroots Music Festival is going to take to the stage August 9th from 2-6. More details can be found at our Facebook Event page. If you’re in Kenora or passing through, drop on over to Coney Island. Cheers @MolsonFerg

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    close to Kenora Ontario and Lake of the Woods August 9th…join us ! [link to post]

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    molsonferg (Ferg Devins)
  2. Sounds fun, Ferg. We’re going to be plugging this tomorrow on our site… hopefully get some Winnipeggers out there for you. Cheers!

    Chris D.
  3. Where are the pictures of the 2009 Coney Island music festival?


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