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Bayfest 2009

Last weekend was Rock Weekend at Bayfest 2009 in Sarnia, ON, and WOW, what a show.  I was there on the Saturday night and got to see See Spot Run, Our Lady Peace and Stone Temple Pilots.  Friday night’s headliner was Kiss and I hear it was awesome!  Just a few days ago was Country Weekend — featuring performances from Tim McGraw and Brad Paisley among others.

What was so special about this year’s event (in addition to the amazing performances, cold beer and sunshine)?  Well, this year was the first of Bayfest’s five-year goal of becoming a near zero-waste festival.  They plan to reduce waste by 20 per cent every year.

A good amount of waste created during Bayfest can be because of empty beer cups, so Molson helped to reduce that waste by making our No 1 recyclable polyethylene (PET) plastic beer cups available for the first time at this event.  With the fest now over, the cups are being taken to a municipal recycling facility to be sorted and then recycled into various items.

Bayfest 2009

Molson’s No 1 recyclable polyethylene (PET) plastic beer cups

As an industry leader, it’s very important that we set an example to reduce our environmental footprint.  Eager to do our part, working with Bayfest this year to reduce beer cup waste is just one of many initiatives Molson is embarking upon.  Just today, Molson Coors announced a collaboration between Molson Coors and Circle of Blue, an international non-profit organization that will help engage consumers, decision makers, and all of us with stories and information about water issues around the world and in our hometowns.

Bayfest 2009

I found the John Molson trailer!

Way to go everyone who had a part in planning Bayfest this year – awesome job….still rocking out to Stone Temple Pilots!  Fantastic shots of the whole festival on the Bayfest website.

If you were there, hope you had a great time.  If you weren’t – see you in 2010!  Cheers, @MolsonTonia

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